February 12, 2019

Find out if farming is good or bad at the moment!

You may have noticed that sometimes we find loots extremely high and sometimes the opposite, loots extremely low. What if I told you that these variations of loot undergo standard variation, and that I can show you the best time to find high loots to farm? This would be great would not it?!? So we can predict the time there is a lot of loot available in the villages in Clash of Clans and in this post I will teach you how to do this!

With these tips you can accelerate your quarters, spell factory and Heroes at the right time, without losing your worn gems and getting a great return with the high loot available!

To find out the best time to cook in Clash of Clans you will use a tool called "Clash of Clans Forecaster", which is basically a loot forecast site available for theft, and this tool works perfectly well.

About the "Clash of Forecaster Clans"
The Clash of Clans Forecaster is a tool that provides for variations and quantity of mines and 'uncollected' collectors in Clash of Clans. As I understand it, it simulates players' habits around the world to provide an overall statistic of the amount of villages you need to look for until you find a good loot.

Understanding Tool Functionality

1 - In the upper right corner we have a box showing the Loot index, this is the quality of the loot that is available for you to find the moment you access the site, the index goes from 1-10.

2 - On the side of this index we have "Farmer's Forecasat", translating is "Farm forecast", as its name says, shows in summary the current situation of how the FARM is and a forecast for the next few hours. The site is in English, but using Google Translate you can easily understand.

3 Then you will see "Wordwide Stats", which translates to something like "World Status", which shows the amount of loot available, forecast for the next minute and the number of players online and inactive in Clash of Clans.

4 - Below this information I mentioned we have the most important of the Clash of Clans Forecaster tool, the loot forecast chart. This graph shows the time (time) on the X axis and the available Y-axis pull, and the bar that overlaps the chart vertically symbolizes the current time. But you can also use the horizontal scroll bar to 'spy' the forecast for the next few hours.

5 - Shows the most active countries at the moment.

This Tool is a huge help to all of us as we can plan the time to speed up the barracks and start FARM. And best of all it's extremely lightweight and you will not need to download any programs or anything like that.

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