March 7, 2019

Sneak Peek: Biggest Wars with Best Score and more ...

News about the next update! Supercell recently revealed more details about the changes in Clan Wars and ranking, check out the translation here on the site.

Remembering that all of these changes from the list below will take effect in the April / 2019 Update.

We would like to share three exciting new development features from the Clan Wars Leagues to be released in the next major content update. We are introducing a new Clan Wars League size: 30v30! We also restructured the League Medals rewards to help encourage clans to battle better!

Top Clan Wars Leagues!
We are adding a new category War alloys: 30v30 to Bronze III through Master I alloys.

During the Clan Warfare membership period, if you are in any League below Champion III, you will have the option to join the 15v15 or 30v30 War Alloys. Now you can go to War with a bigger list of active players!

Will we be able to do both 15v15 and 30v30 at the same time?
During the registration period, you must decide if your clan will compete in the 15v15 or 30v30. You can not do both in a single League season.

Does our clan with 30v30 list need to be re-placed?
If you have already played in a War League, your Clan will continue in your current League regardless of the size of the list.

If your Clan has never participated in a Clan Warfare League, you will be based on the 15 strongest if you select 15v15 or 30 stronger bases if you select 30v30.

Will the 30v30 be available to Champion III through Champion I?
We're only allowing 30v30 in the leagues under Champion III. We prefer to keep the highest levels strictly 15v15.

Are the rewards for 30v30 different?
The rewards for 30v30 will still use the same league medal table reviewed below.

Resurrected War League Rewards
Clan War Leagues must be a competitive environment where Clans are able to test their skills and prove who the ultimate clan is on the global stage. To encourage this competitive spirit, we restructure the rewards of League Medals based on the performance of your Clan in a particular League. In each league, there will be a maximum amount of medals you can win; However, how much of this maximum you will earn will depend on how many stars you earn individually in this League.

The table below indicates the maximum number of League medals you can win in a League season.

League1º place2º place3º place4º place5º place6º place7º place8º place
Camp I508501494487480473466459
Camp II466459452445438431424417
Camp III424417410403396389382375
Master I382375370364358352346340
Master  II346340334328322316310304
Master III310304298292286280274268
Cristal I274268264259254249244239
Cristal II244239234229224219214209
Cristal III214209204199194189184179
Gold I184180176172168164160156
Gold II160156152148144140136132
Gold III136132128124120116112108
Silver I112109106103100979491
Silver II9491888582797673
Silver III7673706764615855
Bronze I5856545250484644
Bronze II4644424038363432
Bronze III3432302826242220
As mentioned earlier, the actual number of medals you win will depend on how many stars you earn in the course of your League. You will earn a percentage of the maximum number of medals based on how many stars you earn, using the table below as a reference.
Acquired Stars% of Medals Received
For example, in Champion I if your clan is in 1st place, the maximum number of medals you can win is 508 medals. However, if you won only 7 stars over the League, based on the second table, you will earn 90% of the 508, which would equal 457 medals.

If you have won 8 or more stars during the week, you will win 100% of those 508 medals.

The purpose of this move is to encourage players to try their best attacks to reap the biggest rewards during the League season!

Score table Champion I
With the upgrade, we will be posting a Scorecard at the end of each League season. This Classification Table will show the ranking of the Champions I Clans, based on your Clan's rank in their Champion I group and then the Stars with% Destruction to break.

Until then ... Clash On!

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