June 17, 2019

Supercell talks about update of June / 2019

Hi Clashers! In recent weeks we have had a season of Sneak Peeks revealing many new features coming to the Clash of Clans, including Builder's Base Level 9, Master Builder going to Main Village, new levels and Balancing, the revelation of Operation Blue Sky and many other news.

So with so many new features being announced for the game, the community is eager to get their hands on the upgrade as soon as possible. But so far Supercell has not revealed any date for the release!

But today, the official profile of Clash of Clans in social networks, made a post talking about why they have not talked about dates, see the translation below:

Hello, boss! We know you're looking forward to the release of the June update, but we're still fixing some bugs and running a few rounds of testing to ensure everything is in good condition before sending the new update to app stores.
That means we can not set a release date yet - but we're doing it as fast as we can and we'll keep you posted! Thanks for your patience! 

It is already expected that Supercell does not confirm an exact date, whenever they do this, something wrong happens, they delay and the community goes crazy!

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